Our Plumbers Can Also Install an Effective yet Economical Earthquake Valve for your Los Angeles, CA Home

Some earthquakes can be predicted to happen hours or even days before the actual catastrophic event. However, some earthquakes happen so fast and so suddenly that people are often caught off guard and the devastation are severe.

In order to help minimize the devastating effects of the earthquake, there are some gadgets that you can install in your home that will help. One of these would be the earthquake gas shut off valve, which is basically an automatic way of shutting off the low pressure regulated gas supply to your home. This earthquake valve installation is meant to react and trigger the safety measures when there is any broken pipe or when there is any shift in the piping system, caused during the earthquake. This is to avoid or minimize the damage that would otherwise be caused by fires and explosions due to gas line breaks resulting from the earthquakes. As it may not always be possible to shut off the gas valve manually before an impending earthquake, the gas shut off valve is usually installed to help overcome this uncertainly and to ensure preventive measures are in place.

Generally, there are two types of commonly used valves to address the earthquake situation. The earthquake gas shut off valve is supposed to function as gadgets sensitive to motion or to excessive gas flow. Your valve installation should ideally have these two features within the gadgets chosen so that you will be able to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the relevant measures will be triggered should the impending catastrophe take a disastrous turn. When installed the gas shut off valve is supposed to function as a mechanism that closes when the gas flow exceeds a certain preset limit that is appropriate to suit the application it functions for.

The earthquake gas shut off valve is a mandatory installation requirement, as it is supposed to function as the first “stop-gap” measure that will effectively help to contain any possible devastating impacts. These negative and disastrous impacts can and usually do happen when there are gas leak explosions.

SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting is a well known company that provides these services at a very competitive cost. They are experienced and well able to ensure the installation requirements and are in line with both the government and fire department’s regulations. Following all building and safety ordinances, the SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting company has been able to build up a good and strong reputation in this business. They are also more than willing to address all your question and queries about the valve installation process and the benefits and servicing aspects of having an earthquake gas shut off valve system on your premises.