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Faucets last a long time but not forever. Eventually, faucets leak, and besides being annoying, they waste water and therefore money. Eventually, when the sound of the drip and the thought of your money going down the drain becomes too much, you decide to repair the faucet. Bathroom faucet repair is one of the most common plumbing problems. At times, replacement of a faucet is a matter of aesthetics. In addition to leaking, both bathroom and kitchen faucets can become noisy or suffer pressure reduction. Sometimes replacement and not repair is preferable for a variety of reasons; perhaps corrosion from past leaks has rendered the faucets unsightly. With the most popular remodeling jobs involving redoing or upgrading bathrooms and kitchens, the need for faucet installation service is common. Regardless of whether it is a kitchen or bathroom faucet repair or replacement it is always wise to hire professionals to insure it is done correctly.

Plumbing is, in many people’s mind, an opportunity for a DIY project. Unfortunately what starts out as DIY too often turns into a “call the plumber, we are in over our head” project. Sometimes, if a faucet has been in place a long time, repair is not an option and replacement is the only recourse. In fact, the older the plumbing the more likely it is that an amateur will break the very plumbing fixture he or she is trying to fix. It is not uncommon for one plumbing problem to spread when the right equipment and experience is not brought to bear on the problem. For this reason, a faucet installation service can prove to be less expensive than trying to save money by doing it yourself. Rather than risk doing what looks like a simple bathroom faucet repair, and end up needing new under sink pipes, call a professional and have the job done correctly. It is simply too risky to let a noisy, or dripping faucet turn unnecessarily into a situation requiring a faucet installation by trying to save a few dollars doing it yourself.

The professionals at SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting have the tools, experience, and expertise to keep most small jobs from mushrooming into larger ones. However, when old plumbing forces what would normally be a small job into requiring more work than first thought, the experts at SGS Plumbing can handle it. Don’t take chances and create a plumbing emergency where none already exists and then have to call in the pros. By bringing in the thoroughly vetted experts from SGS Plumbing at the beginning, the job can be done once, and done correctly.

We do installation, repair and replacement of kitchen or bathroom faucets. When you cannot stand the dripping, the knocking, or just the look of your faucets, give us here at SGS Plumbing and Retrofitters a call at 310-664-8777.