For Quality Plumbing Repair Service, Hire a Trained Bel Air Plumber from SGS Plumbing &  Retrofitting

Situated just 12 miles from downtown LA, Bel Air was founded as a community back in 1923 by Alphonzo E. Bell Sr. Since then Bel Air has become home to some of the most affluent residents in California. One of Bel Air’s most noticeable attractions is the Japanese Gardens, based on the gardens of Kyoto, Japan. In recent years a Garden Club was set up which has given rise to residents who pride themselves on their immaculate personal gardens and water features. Are you one of them? If so, you might need a plumbing service in Bel Air.

With summer coming in a few months this has become the peak time of year for outdoor and garden maintenance. Irrigation and water features are often forgotten about even when contracting landscaping companies. With more droughts occurring every year it is increasingly important to implement systems that will protect and maintain your garden. SGS Plumbing is a plumbing service in Bel Air that has 25 years of experience in outdoor plumbing and waterworks serving the greater Los Angeles area.

Bel Air is known for its expansive homes and celebrity presence so it is important when selecting any contracting company that they adhere to the highest of standards in the industry. As a customer you can rest assured in the knowledge that all of our employees are subject to mandatory background checks and drug testing and have been given some of the best training in the industry. Furthermore, every job is directly overseen by owner and founder Fabian Padilla to give you peace of mind when we are at work.

At SGS Plumbing we are plumbers in Bel Air who provide many services. Here are just a few of our most popular ones with Bel Air residents:

  • Hydro-Jetting Service – Also known as hydro scrubbing, this uses ultra-high pressure water to clean and clear pipes and sewer lines. It is more effective than snaking and should be your first and only choice in preparing your home for the low water pressure that can accompany the summer months.
  • Green Energy Efficient Products – Going green isn’t just a fashion statement. In the long run it can be the most cost-effective and efficient way to utilize the water supply at your disposal. Simply fitting your home with energy and water efficient fixtures like shower heads and toilets can reduce your water usage by up to 20%.
  • Water Pressure Problems – The causes of low water pressure are many. With our in-line video camera analysis and a multitude of other tools we as plumbers in Bel Air can assess what is the root of your problem and fix it.
  • Water Purification & Filters – No matter where you are water pollution can be a problem. Whether this is due to damaged piping or local ecologies we can help you retrofit your home or business with state-of-the-art water purifiers and filters.

Why not give us a call today to ensure you are prepared for the summer season. We are plumbers in Bel Air that offer free estimates on all our jobs so you can be reassured that you are getting the best value for money. Call us on 310-664-8777 or drop us a line at to arrange a free estimate.