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Los Angeles is steeped in history and has undergone many changes. Today, it is the heart of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world with approximately 18 million inhabitants. Many plumbers in Los Angeles understand that with structures and homes dating back a hundred or more years it might be worth considering upgrading the plumbing and advocate doing it sooner rather than later. Aside from age there are several factors to be considered for both residents and property owners alike. Here at SGS Plumbing we strive to provide the best plumbing service in Los Angeles, be that for a new home or development or even retrofitting existing structures.

As many know, the runoff from the storm drains and basins alike are the single biggest cause of water pollution in LA. Apart from the water being unsafe for consumption it is taking its toll on residential plumbing. The reason for this is due to the oil and gunk that builds up that can still remain even when the water evaporates and is rained down again. This is further made worse by the LA skyline’s infamous smog which helps turn this rain into what is known as acid rain. Acid rain, aside from being harmful to ingest or otherwise come into contact with, is also a leading cause in slow but long term damage done to plumbing.

Conversely, yearly droughts are becoming more severe and are lasting longer. With summer fast approaching and last year’s precipitation levels 40% below the state average a few things must be considered. While the state’s own water reserves are 10% higher than predicted this may not matter if the recent drought returns in full force in the coming months. The sheer cost of repairing massive damage caused by minor problems that could have been fixed for a fraction of the price make it a good time to check your plumbing for any leaks and even consider preventative measures.

Established back in 1988, SGS is a plumbing service in Los Angeles that has strived to offer our clients a fast and effective plumbing solution, be that in retrofitting existing systems or implementing new ones. Some of our other services include:

  • Plumbing inspections – It is important to make sure your plumbing is up for harsh changes in weather as it can crack, pop or even clog.
  • Underground pipe repairs – We take a different approach and apply industry leading methods to safely and efficiently get your system running properly again.
  • Retrofitting water purifiers and filters – If you live in an area where water pollution is an issue we have the solution for you.

We are part of a select few plumbers in Los Angeles to still maintain a level of excellence in customer service that is so rare these days. All work is owner supervised and we pride ourselves in giving you

peace of mind. Each employee is subject to mandatory background checks and drug tests so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is in good hands. Contact us today at 310-664-8777 to arrange an assessment of your systems. Whether you need your drains replaced or just want to bring your plumbing into the 21st century, we are here to help.