Enjoy Same Day Santa Monica Plumber Service from a Speedy Plumbing Repair Expert

Home to over 90,000 people, Santa Monica is definitely one of the most exciting sections of the Los Angeles metro area. The town’s motto is “fortunate people in a fortunate land,” and the locals do their best to live up to the title. With Venice Beach to the South and Brentwood to the North, Santa Monica has a vibrant social scene, with bars, coffee houses, thrift shops and night clubs. The predominantly young population of Santa Monica tends to be health conscious. Farmers’ markets abound, as do nutrition stores, yoga centers and Pilates studios. This is a decidedly white-collar town – over 90% of people living here work white collar jobs, and over 60% are college graduates.

Santa Monica real estate is among the priciest in the nation, which explains the low 36.62% owner-occupancy rate. The large number of students also is a driver in the number of renters. Still, both owners and renters face plumbing needs. Plumbers in Santa Monica point to the active lifestyle of the locals, the sand from local beaches as leading reasons for frequent plumbing emergency calls. SGS Plumbing can help with most plumbing problems — from leaking taps or blocked drains and toilets to more complex repairs jobs, including repairing DIY jobs gone awry, fixing hot water heaters.

Santa Monica has a mix of old houses and new developments. Plumbers in Santa Monica face the typical plumbing problems, and they also encounter more complex challenges having to do with retrofitting old pipes. Old houses may have galvanized pipes, which may accumulate rust over time. The new copper pipes are much more efficient, and SGS Plumbing & Retrofitting specializes on doing such a changeover.

Just like all of Southern California, homes in Santa Monica are susceptible to earthquakes. There are plumbing services in Santa Monica which are specific to the region. One example of that is seismic retrofitting. This is the job of updating gas pipe systems to meet current standards. A big part of this is upgrading the gas shutoff valve, or installing a new one if none is present.

More common problems facing plumbers in Santa Monica are broken garbage disposals, installation of ice makers, and de-clogging of drain pipes. SGS Plumbing & Retrofitting technicians are very proficient in these plumbing jobs.

A successful plumbing service in Santa Monica needs to be adept at fixing water heaters and installing hot-water re-circulating pumps. These pumps greatly reduce water consumption for the average home. They also lower the amount of time a home owner has to wait before hot water comes out of the shower or the kitchen faucet.

So if you’re looking for a reliable plumbing service in Santa Monica, the choice is clear, go with the years of experience, fast response time and friendly service of SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting. This company has developed a reputation for speed, service and reliability that makes it the favorite plumbing service in Santa Monica.