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Seismic retrofitting service is a vital offering in the Los Angeles area. The region sustains about 40 moderate shakers and over 1,000 minor occurrences yearly. No one knows for sure when The Big One will strike, but scientists indicate that it will most likely be by the year 2040, and exhibit a magnitude of 7.9 or greater. With that in mind, homeowners would be best served by taking precautionary measures to help minimize the possibility of damage to the water supply that is needed for survival. Los Angeles retrofitting water and energy services to residential and commercial customers is an ongoing concern.

The Significance of Seismic Retrofitting

Retrofitting is the process by which outdated fixtures are replaced or modified with new ones to either restrict water flow or change water displacement. Predominantly, homes built within the past couple decades will have been constructed with conservation of energy and water figured in to the design of the home. Models built prior to the conservation age are most likely using precious water and energy resources inefficiently. In 1994, use of water-saving fixtures was mandated by the enactment of the National Energy Protection Act (NEPA). The primary areas of change include toilets, showers, and kitchen and bathroom faucets.

SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting provides exceptional services for Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. The company is family owned and operated, and all employed staff members are fully licensed and insured. When your home is in need of seismic retrofitting service, you will definitely want to obtain the services of professionals. There are many construction and building requirements set by the Los Angeles City Council.

In addition to retrofitting Los Angeles water fixtures, SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting is also experienced in installing or upgrading Earthquake Gas Shut-off Valves. The city council has a standing ordnance that all new residential and commercial constructions install an automatic EGSV. Prior to a home being sold that is not equipped with this device, it must be installed before the sale can be completed. Also, if any remodeling project over $10,000 in value is undertaken, installation is required as well.

The Earthquake Gas Shut-off Valve is designed to cut off the natural gas supply to a building in the event of significant seismic activity. Recent regulation requires that the valve be installed to the downstream side of the gas meter. If there is a valve that was installed prior to February 10, 2002 to the Gas Company equipment, it is okay to leave the valve where it is.

In a time of emergency, you want to be sure that your property and your family are protected to the best of your ability. Taking the necessary steps to use a seismic retrofitting service is a step in the right direction. The professional and courteous staff members at SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting are ready to assist you with making sure that everything is compliant with current earthquake regulations. Do not leave

the fate of your family and property to chance. Call now to 310-664-8777 to find out how they can help you prepare for The Big One.