From Installation, Repair and Replacement, Our Plumbers Can Take Care of your Los Angeles, CA Water Filtration Systems

No one can question the importance of clean and safe drinking water. It is common knowledge that not all forms of water can be safe for human consumption. The overall safety may depend on the source and on the level of exposure to possible contaminants. Thus, different techniques in water purification have been developed through the years.

Water could be treated differently depending on the source and quality. For instance, groundwater usually requires less treatment compared to water coming from streams, rivers, and lakes, which logically are more prone to contamination due to open exposure. For health reasons, drinking water, in particular, should be carefully and effectively treated before it is consumed by the public.

Filtration is one of the simplest and most effective techniques to purify water so it could be safer for drinking and consumption by people. In this process, impurities and contaminants are removed through the use of fine physical barriers, biological processes, or chemical techniques. The purpose is to cleanse water to improve its quality so it could be more suitable for drinking, irrigation, and filling aquariums and swimming pools.

Home water filtration systems

As mentioned, there are various types of water filtration systems used. The most common and cheapest are the physical filters, which include cloth, rapid sand, slow sand, disk, media, and screen filters. The process can be fast as water will only be filtered using any tool or material to physically separate impurities.

Such filters can easily comprise home water filtration systems. These are considered a more practical, economical, convenient, and logical solution compared to consuming tap water, bottled water, and boiled water. There are many home water filters available in the market today to facilitate water filtration in households.

Commercial water filtration systems

Needless to say, commercial water filtration systems are more complex, meticulous, and expensive. Water can be subjected to other pre-filtration processes to ensure better quality and safety. Point-of-use microfiltration devices are typically used to facilitate the process. These may include the use of carbon, metallic alloy, carbon block resin, and microporous ceramic filters as well as ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.

Moreover, water filtration systems must pass the standards set by the American National Standards Institute. Three accredited organizations can provide certifications to ensure quality and safety of filtration processes especially at the commercial level. Those are the NSF International, the Underwriters Laboratories, and the Water Quality Association.

SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting

In the US, particularly in California, SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting is one of the most reliable providers of quality service when it comes to home water filtration systems. The company can install specific and appropriate filters to help make water from the faucet safer and more ideal for drinking and consumption in households.

Do you need to install a water filtration system in your home? You can contact SGS Plumbing through its phone number (310) 664-8877, for more information about the company’s water filtration offerings as well as other services like pump recirculation and basic plumbing.