Expert Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA Water Heater Maintenance and Plumbing Service

Plumbing problems could affect the use of a pool, spa, garbage disposal, cooling and other water use devices in residences and businesses. Small symptoms of a hot water heater repair need immediate attention. SGS Plumbing and Retrofitting is a full service, professional company with nearly 25 years experience providing all your plumbing needs. View these hot water heater services; you can rely on them to successfully provide for you.

Gas hot water heater

Choosing to replace or install a new gas hot water heater can be both an economical and convenient step when a gas source is available.

  • Highly trained, insured and licensed plumbers are required to repair, replace or retrofit a gas hot water heater.
  • Sufficient venting and proper placement of a gas hot water heater are only some safety points to doing any job well.
  • Gas shut off valves are mandatory for units being installed or when a home is sold in Los Angeles, California.

Tankless hot water heater

Tankless hot water heaters have been successfully used in many European homes and businesses for over 50 years and now are widely accepted in the United States.

  • Replacing a conventional gas or electric hot water heater by installing a tankless hot water unit is not a Do-It-Yourself project.
  • Changing Los Angeles codes require a plumbing company to follow those rules to pass building or remodel inspections.
  • Gas or electric tankless hot water heaters, as well as specific sizes for the heaters are required before buying and installation.

Electric or electronic hot water heater

Electric hot water heaters are chosen for replacement of a non-functioning appliance because gas is not available or not wanted by the consumer for other reasons.

  • Selecting sizes of electric hot water heaters is for experienced plumbers.
  • Brand name units will be recommended to customers from performance history.

Retrofitting Services

During a year, more than 40 moderate seismic activities of tremors or shakers are recorded in California. There are 1,000 minor earthquakes registered in California in that same time frame.

  • Retrofitting examinations will insure clean water and safety precautions for households and businesses. This is paramount when these shakers have affected water supplies.
  • Compliance with city and county regulations to insure professional earthquake retrofitting for drains, sewer and all plumbing inlets and outlets are the law.

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